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Join us in supporting global clean water efforts and help heal the planet with beautiful, reusable glass straws! 


Our family of glassblowers developed Stillwater Straws to support the health of our environment and our community by donating a portion of our profits to clean water projects around the globe! This means you can reduce your use of disposable plastic by using our sustainable, Borosilicate glass straws that are made in the USA, and you automatically help bring clean drinking water to people all over the planet.

The Difference is clear

Robert Bank is a master glass blower and has developed this straw to stand above the rest.  Metal and wood straws can leach chemicals into your drink and they are difficult to get really clean.

Our straws are made with Borosilicate Glass, which is the same durable, dishwasher and microwave safe material that your Pyrex cookware is made from. 


Easy to Clean


Stronger Durable Glass


Dishwasher Safe


Hot or Cold Use


No Need for a Brush


Made in the USA

Our Latest Work

Snoqualmie Tribe’s Ancestral Lands Movement

Straws with a cause. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and make a positive change. Embrace sustainable living by switching to locally made, eco-friendly straws. With each conscious purchase, a portion will support the Snoqualmie Tribe’s Ancestral Lands Movement. Together, we can clean up our mess and honor the land we call home.

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Your satisfaction is very important to us and we are grateful for your generous support of our small family business, the health of our environment, and the sustainable stewardship of our precious natural resources.

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