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Kellie Samadhi Bank

I have always had a love for the arts and supporting artists to grow their businesses and now I’m thrilled to offer you Stillwater Straws.  Owning a water purification company for 18 years, I developed a passion for safe water and reducing plastics in our environment.  During that time, I owned a small retail shop representing over forty artists and wellness practitioners.  Combining my passion for small business, growing our local economy, clean water, sustainable products and helping others that are helping others, Stillwater Straws was born.   Bringing all my experience here now to help each one of us Make Good Choices.  Mother to many children, dedicated volunteer work to many organizations, people and the planet are my priority and purpose.

I believe it is in the small daily habits that create the overall, let’s begin a ripple effect of healthy habits using glass straws.  One habitual glass straw user at a time!  Let’s get in alignment with healthy habits that support all your priorities in one. 


Tamara Croteau

I have always been a nature lover, an artist, and a wellness enthusiast. I love using natural, long lasting products that stand the test of time. Always on the lookout for things that support my health and that of the planet, I was overjoyed when Kellie approached me to help run Stillwater Straws. As a jewelry designer and web development business owner, I have a passion for bringing artisan craftsmanship to broader markets on the internet. In this collaboration, I look forward to funneling my experience and passion into providing top quality service and a top quality product that protects future generations and the environment they will inhabit.


Robert Bank

At home both in the rural suburbs of Chicago, IL and the Cascade Mountain Valley of Seattle, WA, I have been growing my art for over two decades. Seeing a glass blower working captivated my interest instantly. I was completely engaged and watched for hours discovering at that time my passion for the craft. Since then I have had the great pleasure of working with hundreds of glass blowers and have my art in prestigious collections around the globe. I like to make things that make people smile and naturally share the art by mentoring and teaching others. Being a father is the most important role I play in life. Passing down the craft to my boys gives them tools of patience, attention to detail, flow and meditation that will last a lifetime.


Michael Croteau

Michael is the founder of CrowToes Custom Development and the lead developer for several Non-Profit Organizations and conscious small businesses. He brings over 10 years of experience in custom wordpress development and marketing automation to the team helping us achieve our online goals. When he’s not tinkering in PHP, building new things in React or making the web beautiful with CSS, Michael and his wife Tamara enjoy jeeping in the Rocky Mountains, soaking in their local hot springs and taking long walks with their cuddly, and completely spoiled fur-baby, Morphy.

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