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We were inspired to create Stillwater Straws in support of a global health movement to reduce plastic use in our environment by choosing to use glass straws. A portion of the profits is also donated to a charitable cause that brings safe, clean drinking water sources to communities around the globe.

Plastic never fully breaks down. Constantly produced and discarded, plastic accumulates in bodies of water all across the planet, polluting our water sources and harming the wildlife that live there.

Our reusable glass straws are made from a high quality, borosilicate glass that is highly durable, sustainable and easy to clean!

You may have heard that our bodies are made up of 70% water, making hydration an important key to physical, mental and emotional health. These beautiful, intentional straws will encourage you to ingest more clear, clean water every day.

Try a stillwater straw (or four) and simply keep your glass filled everyday… Your beautiful glass straws will help you develop a habit of sipping water all day long!

Have a ripple effect! Live healthy habits, live a healthy life.

How Choosing Glass Straws helps:


The Planet ~

Reduce carbon emissions and stop exhausting our natural resources by manufacturing of single use plastics. Plastic is a cheap industrial product that never fully breaks down polluting all our water sources and therefore ourselves.


Your Health ~

You are made of water, 70%! Staying hydrated improves all functions of the body and mind. Elevate your spirit by giving your body what it needs. Our signature glass straw designed by Robert Bank is made to be durable and a staple in your everyday use. Keep it in a full glass of water by your side each day.


Ancestral Lands ~

Let’s clean up our mess shall we? Begin now using locally made sustainable straws and a portion of your conscious purchase will go to the Snoqualmie Tribe’s Ancestral Lands Movement.


Your Local Economy ~

Contribute to growing American manufacturing, live lighter and strengthen the community one straw at a time.

Our Skills

Integrity and exceptional quality is the heart of StillWater Straws. 

We’ve been passionate about providing sustainable solutions in glass for over 20 years.  When you buy from Stillwater Straws you are purchasing a product that not only supports responsible treatment of our planet, but also provides for local American craftsmen, keeping the dollar in your community.  When we support local, we support all.

Our mission is to do things just a little bit better so we can consistently head in the right direction for our planet and the beautiful people who live here.

Every day, we strive to make good choices that will provide a safe and socially responsible drinking straw.

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